The purpose of Training and Education in agriculture sector is to improve human capital in Agriculture sector as shortage of skilled human resources is major limiting factor for development and in applying scientific knowledge at field level. Timely dissemination of training Information to concern is also a key challenge in implementing effective training programs. Although so many independent web sites are available on agriculture training but due to  non-awareness of these web site links, farmer and other beneficiaries may be departed to avail training which are organizing in near-by locations. The on-line Training Information System will provide training course details of Agricultural Sectors from different Agricultural Training Institutions through SMS/Email/TIS Portal to the farmers and related stakeholders who have registered at TIS portal.

Features :

  • Extensions and Training Program details for Trainers/Farmers and other stakeholders.
  • On-line repository on Subject Matter Experts.
  • On-Line Registration facility for Volunteer Subject Matter Experts.
  • Training schedule details on Mobile and Email to Farmers and related stakeholders
  • E-Learning material/ Success stories/Innovations /Training Kits.
  • Details on Extension Activities like Demonstration Plots,Farm Schools, Farmer Friends.
  • Post Training details, Participants details, Impact Analysis and Feedback on training through mobile.
  • Linkage with Grievance Redress Management System (Farmer Portal/mkisan//Kisan Call Centre).